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Sunday, 18 June 2017
Duration: 49 mins 44 secs
Your words are powerful, if your words agree with God's words you can have what God's said you could have. If your words do not agree with God's words, your words can prevent God's words from happening in your life.
Sunday, 11 June 2017
Duration: 46 mins 44 secs
This teaching is from II Chronicles chapter 20. In This chapter you will see how the grace of God was obtained by faith, and their faith caused them to worship and praise God, because of His words.
Sunday, 04 June 2017
Duration: 47 mins 43 secs
When you were born again, it was no small thing. The Holy Spirit literally gave birth to you. When You say I am a child of God, that is not just a religious saying, you really were born into the family of God. You are no longer a natural being, you body is still natural, but you are supernatural.
Monday, 29 May 2017
Duration: 47 mins 14 secs
The amount of respect and attention that you give to God's word, is the amount of respect and attention that are giving God.
Sunday, 21 May 2017
Duration: 46 mins 24 secs
This teaching is teaching about prophecy,discerning of spirits, and ways to receive from God.
Sunday, 14 May 2017
Duration: 48 mins 12 secs
The Church s suppose to be using the gifts of the Spirit to love the world with.
Sunday, 07 May 2017
Duration: 46 mins 51 secs
God is love. God does not have love, He is love. God looks at you, His creation, with more love than we have knowledge to understand. Think of a mother with the baby that she has just given birth to being placed in her arms. The love she has for that baby is as close as we get to describing the love of God. However God's love is much greater than that. When you think about your relationship with God, think He loves me more than I can express.
Sunday, 30 April 2017
Duration: 48 mins 16 secs
The one who speaks in a tongue edifies them self.
Tuesday, 25 April 2017
Duration: 47 mins 39 secs
From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.You want have to talk to someone long before you know what their heart is full of. If they have been meditating on what the word of God says about their situation, they will speak words of faith. If they have been meditating on the problem, they will speak words of fear, doubt, and unbelief.
Tuesday, 18 April 2017
Duration: 51 mins 23 secs
Everything a Christian has, was made possible by the resurrection of Jesus.
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